This is how it all started!

Our journey began in 1997, the year we discovered the sport of Disc Golf. We started playing with frisbees and without baskets. On our first visit to a real disc golf course, Knektaparken in Jönköping, we met other players with a different type of disc. They introduced us to Knickarp disc golf. A small shop in southern Sweden where you could order discs from a paper catalogue.

Back in -97 there was no online shopping and very few stores where you could find discs. So that catalogue was worth saving. The discs were listed in alphabetical order and not much information was given, other than the categories: putter, midrange, driver etc. No caracteristics, overstable, understable, fading or sliding.

Lars’ first three discs were all from Discraft, while Magnus was more of an Innova guy. Morgan threw whatever he could get his hands on. Since then, many discs have passed through our bags, but you will find some of the first ones on the shelves back home.

The idea of making our own discs started growing in Morgan’s mind a couple of years ago. He mentioned his thoughts to us and with his background as a designer he said. – It can’t be that difficult to make a disc! He couldn’t be more wrong. 😉

But all said and done, we started our company, Independent Discs and got our first two disc golf discs PDGA approved.

We have focused on developing a disc with “that feeling”, a smooth grip when placed in the palm, and we think we have succeeded.

We have experimented with different types of plastic and different hardness, and landed in a base plastic that we have chosen to call Acer. Acer has that grippy type of feel with amedium flex. It’s perfect in cold, damp conditions and the durability isn’t too bad either.

Our first disc is our SEEKER, a reliable midrange disc with a neutral flight and a slight fade at the end.

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