SEEKER Finplast XI

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SEEKER in the premium plastic Finplast XI, is slightly more stable than in the base plastic Acer.
It is a over stable midrange, made for straight headwind and those turnover flex shots, with a relieable fade at the end.
The Seeker has good glide and great span in speed.
A smooth grip that works fine for both back and forehand.
This will most certainly become a disc in your bag that you will reach for again and again.
Our discs has the recycling symbol printed on them.
This will assure you that it will be correct recycled if that day would come.
The Seeker Setup 5, 4, 0, 2.5

Finplast XI –  This is our hard blend in the premium plastic. A durable plastic that suites well in warmer conditions and those nice summer days at the course.


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